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MLM companies have flourished in Taiwan for many years. Over 10% of the population of Taiwan is involved in multi level marketing. Read more to know about the top MLM companies in Taiwan. 

What is MLM ? MLM Business in Taiwan

Are you planning to join a sales business ? You may be thinking of joining an MLM company. But before you do, it’s important to have knowledge about this passive income opportunity. MLM means multi level marketing and is also called referral marketing or network marketing. If you’re looking for extra income then it’s the best opportunity. As joining an MLM business doesn’t require any specific experience, educational qualifications or interviews, anyone above 18 years (in most of the countries) can have MLM as a part time job. There are many MLM companies doing business all over the world. Whether you’re in Taiwan or any other country, you can easily find several MLM companies operating there. Do you live in Taiwan ? Looking for top MLM companies in Taiwan ? Check below about the network marketing in Taiwan. 

MLM companies in Taiwan

Network Marketing in Taiwan – MLM Organisation

Do you know that Taiwan is the world’s fourth largest market for MLM business ? MLM companies have been flourishing in Taiwan for more than 30 years. We all know that Taiwan is an East Asian country and known for the best food in the world. But how many of you know that MLM organisations are so popular in Taiwan ? There are multiple health and wellness, personal care and homecare companies in Taiwan. So, we’ve come up with the top MLM companies in Taiwan. Check below the top 10 MLM companies in Taiwan 

Amway MLM Company in Taiwan 

Amway is probably everyone’s first choice in MLM business. This American company is based in Michigan, US and is now working in over 100+ countries. Amway has been awarded numerous honors in Taiwan including ‘The Prize of the Best Business’, ‘No.2 of Operation Efficiency in Taiwan Service Industry’ and more. This MLM organization has also been ranked multiple times in Taiwan financial journals. Amway Taiwan offers high-quality health, beauty, personal care and homecare products to its consumers. From toothpaste to beauty products, Amway products are worldwide popular. 

Herbalife MLM Company in Taiwan

Herbalife Taiwan sells dietary supplements, personal care and other nutrition products which are popular among Taiwanese. Herbalife is an American MLM company founded by Mark R. Hughes. This network marketing company has been operating in more than 90 countries. Herbalife has also sponsored the France national volleyball team and Major League Soccer Club, LA. Herbalife health and nutrition products are famous among consumers in Taiwan. These products have also improved nutritional habits of people with science-backed ingredients. 

Avon MLM Company in Taiwan

Avon is a popular MLM company offering cosmetics, skincare, fragrance and personal care products. The network marketing company Avon is based in London. This MLM organization had annual sales of$5.57 billion in 2019. Avon has also started its business in Taiwan. This company has inspired several women across the world and is selling high-quality cosmetics. Avon is ranked as the fourteenth largest beauty company in the world. People in Taiwan are constantly joining Avon Taiwan and availing the benefits of using high-quality products. 

Valentus MLM Company in Taiwan

Valentus is an American MLM company established by Dave Jordan. You might have heard of SpimROAST Coffee. This Valentus product is so popular for weight loss. Valentus is doing well in many Asian countries including Taiwan. It’s one of the best MLM companies in Taiwan. Valentus products are made with natural ingredients and are good for health. Like other network marketing businesses, you can join Valentus as a consumer or a distributor. 

Nu Skin MLM Company in Taiwan

Nu Skin is an American MLM company known worldwide for its personal care and dietary supplements. Nu Skin was founded by Blake Toney in Utah and is now operating in several countries including Taiwan. Nu Skin products are loved by the Taiwanese. These are anti-aging products. If you’re looking for an MLM company which is quite popular among Taiwanese then you become a part of this network marketing business. 

Riway MLM Company in Taiwan

Founded by Dr. Lim Boon Hong, Riway is a popular MLM company in Asian countries. With the core values of financial goals, social skills, right thinking, healthy lifestyle and spiritual growth, Riway is selling products in countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, Philippines, Myanmar, Indonesia and Taiwan. You can also join Riway Taiwan as a distributor. 

Network Marketing in Taiwan

Jeunesse MLM Company in Taiwan

This MLM business was launched at 9 p.m, 9th September, 2009. It was believed that number 9 represents longevity and the company will create a legacy in the network marketing industry. Randy and Wendy were the founders of Jeunesse MLM Business. They established Jeunesse in Atlanta, USA and now it has reached other countries as well. Jeunesse MLM offers nutritional and skincare products. Apart from that, it also provides an opportunity to earn commissions by selling products. 

Total Swiss MLM Company in Taiwan

Dr. Willy Wang established Total Swiss around 10 years ago. This MLM company is Taiwan based. At first, Total Swiss spread in Taiwan and then reached the global market. This Taiwan based MLM company offers nutrient complexes and bio additives which are used to fight serious diseases like Cancer. In the 2018 top 100 global direct selling company list, Total Swiss was ranked at 29th position. 

Atomy MLM Company in Taiwan

Atomy is a South Korean MLM company which sells high-quality healthcare, self-care, beauty and household products. Atomy was established in 2009 by Han Gill Park and is now operating in almost all major countries including Canada, USA, Russia, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, India, Mexico, Indonesia and more. You can join Atomy Taiwan as a distributor and can also buy the atomy products at affordable prices. 

Chini Enterprise MLM Company in Taiwan

Chini Enterprise is very popular in the biotech health products industry. It is also one of the top MLM companies in Taiwan. Chini Enterprise also offers skincare, health and wellness products. This MLM business has extended its product line to reach new audiences and expand the success of members and the company. 

These are the top 10 MLM companies in Taiwan. If you live in Taiwan or you know someone who does, this may be helpful for you. Whether you’re considering buying a product or to start a career in network marketing, joining any of these MLM companies in Taiwan would be a great choice.